Autumn Garden Care Tips

Great Gardening Tips for Autumn

When most people think of gardening, the first thing that comes to their mind is planting and enjoying a harvest during the summer time. In reality, the autumn of the year is also a great time to do some gardening and you can also prepare your garden for the winter during this time as well. Here are a few gardening tips for autumn that will help point you in the right direction from Careful Gardener: best online garden centre in Belfast.

Bring the Herbs inside –

When the weather gets cooler outside, it’s time to bring the herbs into a warmer atmosphere. You can put them on a windowsill or another sunny spot that will allow them to grow, perhaps even year-round. Make sure that you check whether they need full sun or not because it is possible for them to dry out.

Don’t Rake All the Leaves –

I’m giving you official permission to leave some of the leaves behind when doing your yard work, especially under the bushes or a large tree where ground cover is not a problem. They will turn into some natural compost over time.

Add Some Color –

Although you may have grown a vegetable garden for the majority of the year, the autumn is the perfect time of year to add some color to the area. Add some perennials, such as mums. Most of us consider autumn to be a time of color anyway, so why not add some to the garden?

Check For Storm Danger –

As we move into autumn and winter the risk of storm, and consequent storm and flooding damage rises a lot, so just keep this in mind when doing your end of summer tidy up.  If you want to check how you might be covered from an insurance point of view in relation to potential storm damage, you can visit Cheap Car Insurance Review UK.

Plant Early –

there are certain plants that can be planted in the autumn and will last over the winter. You may want to try some of these so that you have some early crops in the next growing season, such as Swiss chard, spring cabbage, peas and Italian wine grapes. It can really make a difference and can get your growing season off to a fantastic start next year.

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